Welcome, Tulip is the first multi utility eco-system on Oasis. Building developments from state of the art technology on such an early chain has massive potential for the longterm which was we believe Rose should stand for. we will be the first ever charting system on the Oasis network our team has great experience in long term developments and we not only promise but ensure the safety of our investors, through absolute transparency. 

Use the following instructions to buy oasis and get onto the hottest network out. https://duneswap.gitbook.io/duneswap/bridge-usdrose

Then easily swap our token on Duneswap.

Tulip prides itself with having some of the safest and transparent devs on the Rose network. Our team strives to be bring more value to our community everyday. 

Tulip has long term goals with the correct team to back it up. The community deserves to have the highest level on transparency and safety for their tokens. Join one of the fastest growing projects on Oasis.

Supply: 1 MILLION

0% Transaction Fees


TULIP the first ever time lock non inflationary staking protocol on the Oasis network one of the fastest growing chains in crypto. Bringing you multiple utilities and one the easiest and reliable staking systems on the Rose network.